Dagong Europe Credit Rating srl (Dagong Europe) was established in March 2012 with its headquarters in Milan, Italy. In June 2013, it was registered and received authorisation from the European Securities Market Authority ('ESMA') as Credit Rating Agency (CRA). In the same year, it was recognised by the Joint Committee of the three European Supervisory Authorities (EBA, ESMA and EIOPA – ESAs) as External Credit Assessment Institutions (ECAI) operating in the European Union.

Dagong Europe is solely owned by Dagong Global Credit Rating, the leading Chinese rating agency and is a member of the Dagong Global Credit Rating Group.

Dagong Europe is dedicated to providing the financial markets with an independent, objective, fair, transparent, timely and prospective credit opinion. Dagong Europe produces autonomously procedures, criteria and models that are the foundations of the credit rating process.

Every credit rating process is led by a qualified and professional analytical team composed solely of Dagong Europe employees, who collaborate to provide the market with thorough and transparent credit opinions.

Dagong Europe provides credit opinions on financial institutions, including insurance companies, and non-financial corporates.

The board of directors is chaired by Guan Jianzhong, who is also Chairman of Dagong Global.

Dagong Europe is a young, dynamic company that is currently seeing a lot of growth opportunities. If you would like to be part of our team please click here. At Dagong Europe, we are very proud of our multicultural and highly diversified working environment. For more details, background and the nationalities of our team, please click here.

Dagong Global Credit Rating Co. Ltd., Founded in 1994, Dagong Global Credit Rating is the only credit rating agency to be established with the joint-approval of the People’s Bank of China and the former State Economic and Trade Commission. It is a globally-oriented credit rating agency.

As the founder of sovereign credit rating criteria, Dagong Global is the first non-Western credit rating agency to provide the world with sovereign credit risk information, and actively participates in the construction of the Asian bond market, recommended by China’s Ministry of Finance. As a representative of Chinese credit rating agencies, Dagong Global actively promotes the reform of the international credit rating system.

Dagong has obtained all the credit rating certifications authorised by the Chinese government. It is an authoritative institution able to provide credit rating assessments for enterprises borrowing money and issuing bonds.

Dagong participates in the design and promotion of most domestic financial instruments. It has rated over ten thousand enterprises and programs issuing bonds worth of over RMB 1Tn. Dagong established the first post-doctoral station in the credit rating sector in China, and worked jointly with Tianjin University of Finance and Economics to create the first institution of higher learning focused on cultivating talent in credit rating and risk management - Dagong Credit Management School.

Dagong, the biggest credit rating agency in China, has 800 employees, including over 500 analysts with master’s and doctor’s degrees, and over 50 post-doctoral researchers. Over 30 branch offices in China provide credit information services for clients at home and abroad.

By exploring the essential rules as well as solutions to credit issues in China and the world, Dagong is providing impartial credit information for the capital markets and evolving into an international credit rating agency with a growing influence in world finance.



MILAN - 2018.11.22
Dagong Global Affirms the ‘BB+’ Long-Term Credit Rating of Salini Impregilo S.p.A., Outlook ‘Evolving’
MILAN - 2018.11.20
Dagong Global Affirms the Long-Term Credit Rating of Banca Popolare di Sondrio S.c.p.A. at ‘BBB’, Outlook ‘Stable’


Making the grade
CHINA DAILY - 2018.04.06
REUTERS - 2018.01.17
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